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Laughter during the war: Russian agression in Ukraine in political cartoons and memes

Modern wars differ from the classic ones in that they use not only military equipment and regular troops. Values, ideology, culture, symbols, media, humor are becoming weapons in the 21st century.
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Plagiarism? Not only in science

Do you know the difference between creative reflection and stupid plagiarism? Let’s try to figure it out😉

The first cartoon is a 1805 work by the British artist James Gilray called “The Plumb-pudding in danger”. It depicts British Prime Minister William Pitt and the newly crowned French Emperor Napoleon dividing the world into spheres of influence.

The second is a work by Australian David Pope (2022), which compositional echoes Gilray’s cartoon (217 years between them). This is how the Australian cartoonist sees our war and the presidents of Russia and the United States.

And now – beware of plagiarism!

The third cartoon is by American cartoonist David Granlund.

And the fourth image is a stolen “work”. The “author” or whatever you want to call him used the original, erased Granlund’s signature and smeared his own “text” Who’s laughing now? Now you will have to account for your words!

So, they steal not only washing machines and toasters😡

And yes, I have to visit sites like “Caricatura.RU” 😉

To be continued…